What is the Conference?


There’s a place where greed and vanity take a backseat to art and integrity, where writers use their hearts, not just their heads, and where every idea is inspired by the single-minded belief that great writing really can change the world.

Storytelling is an ancient endeavor. It’s our oldest art form, and still our most vital. In our own era, we’ve seen the power of narrative branch out in many new directions, from theater to film to television and beyond, with each new media adding to the richness of civilization’s legacy.

The New Harmony Project embraces all these varieties of performed narrative, and celebrates the essential humanity that is at the core of storytelling. For more than a quarter of a century, our annual conference has provided playwrights and screenwriters with the time, workspace and resources to work on their scripts in a supportive and nurturing environment.

In the fall of each year, The New Harmony Project seeks submissions for its spring conference. We seek to incubate writers for the stage and screen, whose works support our unique mission of focusing on uplifting pieces that raise the esteem of the human condition. Once the writers and their projects are chosen by our selection committee, NHP assists each writer by identifying a team and creating a preliminary strategy for the evolutionary process to follow. Each project is assigned a director, a dramaturg, and a cast of actors.

At the conference, the words on the page are given life through daily script-in-hand rehearsals. Over a two week period, up to five works and their writers experience full development with their team of collaborators who provide as much input as necessary for the individual writer’s process. The writers are supplied with the valuable opportunity of revising based not only on their own reactions to the rehearsals, but also on the constructive and nurturing feedback from their development teams. At the end of the two weeks, each script shares a free and open final reading in front of a community of participants and supporters.