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We gather together as a community united in the sole purpose to support and encourage our writers and their distinct voices. Their tales spin a perspective on our culture that reflects our very essence and soul. Be kind, their words and stories will outlive us all.

James Houghton, NHP Artistic Director, 1997-1999

It’s whispered about backstage at shows across the country and described as an escape for actors, directors, writers and theater production professionals to develop, create and be inspired. The New Harmony Project is the best kept secret in new theater and screenplay development and has provided writers with a two-week creative retreat in the historic town for 29 years now.

Kelly Gifford, Evansville Courier & Press

Having been a professional actor for over 30 years, there are virtually so few places where writers can be nurtured and supported in an environment that is absent of producers and commercial pressures. And the New Harmony Project is one of the preeminent stops for playwrights who need time to nurture their craft.

Dede Lovejoy, Actress

We aim to foster the growth of new plays that reflect the breadth and diversity of the world we live in - the challenges, the revelations and the hopes of American life today.

Mead K. Hunter, NHP Artistic Director, 2013-Present

Each year, the conference provides much needed artistic and spiritual rejuvenation that helps us continue our lives and careers in NYC. The trials and tribulations of this profession are put into perspective when you can take the time to breathe in the creative, healing, and renewing energy that surrounds The Project.

Lori and David Hudson, New Harmony Project Participants

There are a lot of script development programs, but our mission is specifically about finding scripts that celebrate and elevate the human experience. We’re looking for glass half-full plays, not works that are negative or violent. That’s not to say there aren’t sad, dramatic, or dark scenes, but we see the characters overcome it.

Carrie Preston, Actress, True Blood, The Good Wife

My favorite cliché is a "creative community". I've read about them since I was a child. I read about Bloomsbury, Gertrude Stein's salon... Algonquin's Round Table. And I stepped into my very own here at The New Harmony Project.

Melissa Manchester, Singer/Composer

The New Harmony Project is a place for artists to gather in celebration of work. It is a place where we recognize and acknowledge our gifts, our inspiration and perhaps mostly deeply, our privilege. It is a place for our stories to be uncovered, explored and most importantly, told. And we know that the opportunity to tell them together is a blessing.

Anna D. Shapiro, NHP Artistic Director, 2000-2002

The New Harmony Project honors a landscape scored with the history of drams and dreamers by cherishing writers who help us embrace the complexity of life with a vision of hope and a belief in the resiliency of the human spirit.

Paul Walsh, NHP Artistic Director, 2007-2012

I think what they do and what they do really well at NHP is that they make room for each individual writer’s process.

Lee Blessing, Writer/Director, A Walk in the Woods, Eleemosynary

I've never been part of a theater project that was so generous, un-pretentious and community driven

MJ Kaufman, Writer

New Harmony reminds us all that this craziness is just unnatural. They push the process in the absolute opposite direction, with the assumption that when a writer feels safe and supported by the entire community - actors, directors, dramaturgs - the work will sing.

Theresa Rebeck, Writer, NBC's SmashDead Accounts, Mauritius, Seminar

I didn't consider what a wonderful experience it would be working with people who were trying to create art that offers hope and solace. Sometimes "hopeful" stories are the opposite, because they don't consider the reality or the scope of the problems they address. But I found all of the work at the Project to be honest, forthright, and realistic in its consideration of the obstacles facing us. That was remarkably inspiring.

Rebecca Gilman, Writer, Spinning into Butter, Boy Gets Girl

We come here from all avenues of American life... from the complete spectrum embracing a diversity of experience, and together, explore stories that ennoble the human spirit.

Andrew Tsao, NHP Artistic Director, 1995-1996


Since 1986, The New Harmony Project has been serving writers and celebrating the human spirit. For the past thirty years, we have welcomed over 200 writers to join us in developing their work and rejuvenating their soul. Below is an inclusive list of the various projects we have served throughout our history.



District Merchants – Play – Aaron Posner

Marie and Rosetta – Play – George Brant

Mary Domingo – Play – Anne Garcia-Romero

On Clover Road – Play – Steven Dietz

The House in Scarsdale – Play – Dan O’Brien

The Turkey Day – Play – Eric Holmes

The Wind and the Breeze – Play – Nathan Alan Davis

Untitled – Kyle Minor


Miranda – Play – James Still

Mr. Wheeler’s – Play – Rob Zellers

Neutrinos – Play – Lee Blessing

Speculator Spirits – Play – Josh Tobiessen

Still Now – Play – Katie Bender

The Exorcist – Play – John Pielmeier

The Sweetheart Deal – Play – Diane Rodriguez

The There There – Play – Jason Gray Platt

Wild Blue – Play – Jen Silverman


A Father – Screenplay – Scott Teems

How We Got On – Screenplay – Idris Goodwin

Sagitarius Ponderosa – Play – MJ Kaufman

Soups, Stews and Casseroles: 1976 – Play – Rebecca Gilman

Tania in the Getaway Van – Play – Susan Bernfield

The Aleph Complex – Play – Deborah Yarchun

The Spiritualist – Play – Robert Ford

The Royal Society of Antarctica – Play – Mat Smart


All the Roads Home – Play – Jen Silverman

Band of Sisters – Play – Arlene Hutton

Grounded – Play – George Brant

Jass – Play – Book/Music/Lyrics by John Pielmeier & Arrangements by Stan Tucker

Late in the Game – Play – Y York

Orion Rising – Play – Christina Gorman

The House That Jack Built – Play – James Still

The Satchel – Play – Tom Evans

Row After Row – Play – Jessica Dickey


Alexandria – Play – Alex Lewin

Antarktikos – Play – Andrea Stolowitz

Dead Accounts – Play – Theresa Rebeck

Disappearance of Luck – Play – Lina Patel

Docent – Play – Robert Schenkkan

In the Book of – Play – John Walch

Stoner and Spaz – Play – Meredith Stiehm

The Body of An American – Play – Dan O’Brien


Air Jordan: Moskowitz – Screenplay – Edward Scharf
Brilliance – Play – Anthony McCarten
Collapse – Play – Alison Moore
Elisabeth and the Water Troll – Musical – Music by Randy Courts, Book & Lyrics by Walt Wangerin Jr.
Untitled – Danny Strong
Woof – Play – Y York


Just War – Play – Jessica Goldberg
Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods – Play – Tammy Ryan
Mad City – Play – Meredith Stiehm
Now and Then – Musical – by Debra Barsha & Lance Horne
The Catch – Play – Ken Weitzman
Vera Laughed – Play – Keith Bunin
“We declare you a terrorist” – Play – Tim J. Lord
Guest artist Steven Dietz


4 Edges – Play – Crystal Skillman
Magnolia – Play – Regina Taylor
Sit in at the Five & Dime – Musical – Words By: Majorie Duffield – Music By: Janice Lowe
The Ravens Feed Us – Play – Margaret Hunt
The Real McGonagall – Play – Willy Holtzman
Untitled – Alejandro Monteverde & Pepe Portillo
Untitled – Jim Leonard
Will to Succeed – Screenplay – Rob Loos


…And L.A. is Burning – Play – Y York
Buddy’s Tavern – Musical – Alison Louise Hubbard and Kim Oler
In the Same Room – Play – Anna Ziegler
Madonna and Child – Play – John Pielmeier
Puddy Tat – Play – Lynn Rosen
Timberland – Play – Austin Bunn
The Understudy – Play – Theresa Rebeck


Battle Hymn – Play – Jim Leonard
Esmerelda – Play – Michele Lowe
Gulf View Drive – Play – Arlene Hutton
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Film Showing – Shane Black
Likeness – Play – David Caudle
Ondine – Play – Dan O’Brien
Paradise Street – Play – Constance Congdon
The 13th of Paris – Play – Mat Smart
Velvet Rut – Play – James Still
Writing About Henry – Play – Joyce O’Connor


The Book of Hours – Play – Laura Harrington
Choke Cherry Corners – Play – Ludmilla Bollow
Dependance Day – Play – Anne Nelson
Little Heart – Play – Irene O’Garden
Mahida’s Extra Key to Heaven – Play – Russell Davis
Mauritius – Play – Theresa Rebeck
Perpetua – Play – Vincent Delaney
The Roof – Play – Suzanne Bradbeer
The 13th of Paris – Play – Mat Smart
Through Valdosta – Play – Arlene Hutton
Whynot – Screenplay – Susan Batten


Anatomy of Gray – Play – Jim Leonard
Into the Moonwild Valley – Play – John Olive
Manhunt – Screenplay – Mike Rich
Potter – Musical – Randy Courts and Walt Wangerin, Jr.
Rappaccini’s Daughter – Operetta – Steve Alper and Sarah Knapp
Saints and Soldiers – Showing – Matt Whitaker
Savages – Play – Anne Nelson
See Rock City – Play – Arlene Hutton
Slow Dance with a Hot Pickup – Musical – John Pielmeier and Matty Selman
The Gentleman from Indiana – Play – James Still
Three Italian Women – Play – Laura Maria Censabella
Untitled – Play – Jan Lucas


An Ole Soul, a Young Spirit – Play – John Henry Redwood
Arturo and Catherine – Play – Robert Schenkkan
Deeply Shallow – Play – Donna Daley


Dunkler Related Disorders – Play – James Magruder
From Missouri – Screenplay – Jason Wells
Harry and the Streetbeat – Play – Oyamo
James and Annie – Play – Warren Leight
My Bernhardt Summer – Play – Mark St. Germain
Sky Girls – Play – Jenny Laird
Sounds of Grace – Musical – Mark St. Germain and Randy Courts
The Bebop Heard in Okinawa – Play – Mat Smart
The Bells – Play – Theresa Rebeck


Slow Dance with a Hot Pickup – Musical – John Pielmeier and Matty Selman
Harlem Spokes – Play – Matty Selman
Ivanhoe, MO – Play – Sherry Kramer
Mays and Terese – Play – Emily Ball Cicchini
Minus 1 – Play – Sunil Kuruvilla
Moving Pictures – Play – Dan O’Brien
Potter – Musical – Walter Wangerin, Jr. and Randy Courts
The Classics Professor – Play – John Pielmeier
The Free Spirit – Screenplay – Randy Courts
The Winter of Our Discontent – Screenplay – Daisy Foote


Blindsided – Play – Marjie Rynearson
Daisy in the Dreamtime – Play – Lynne Kaufman
Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine – Play – Warren Leight
Knight Errant – Translation – James Magruder
No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs – Play – John Henry Redwood
Steeplchase, the Funny Place – Musical – John Pielmeier and Matty Selman
The Gingerbread House – Musical – Mark St. Germain and Randy Courts
The Song of Grendelyn – Play – Russell Davis
When Grace Comes In – Play – Heather McDonald
Winter Drinking – Play – Jan Lucas


Full Bloom – Play – Suzanne Bradbeer
The Boys of Winter – Play – John Pielmeier
The Darkest Hours is Just Before Day – Play – John Henry Redwood
The Gingerbread House – Musical – Mark St. Germain and Randy Courts
The Ruling Passion – Play – Sherry Kramer
The Secret Harvest – Play – John Pielmeier
Truly Mary – Screenplay – Laura Maria Censabella
Various Carols – Musical Pieces – Walter Wangerin, Jr. and Randy Courts
When Grace Comes In – Play – Heather McDonald


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