First Look Workshops

Beginning in the fall of 2018, The New Harmony Project is expanding its programming to Central Indiana with a vision of establishing Indianapolis as a premiere destination for the creation, development, and distribution of new, hope-filled, meaningful stories for the stage and screen.

Upcoming Events

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March 10 - 13

The Betterment Society

by Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

In partnership with
Phoenix Theatre Indianapolis

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Photo Credit Shervin Lainez

Photo Credit Shervin Lainez

June 5-15, 2019


by James Lecesne & Ryan Amador

The New Harmony Project has committed one full year to the development of a new musical by James Lecesne (Writer of the Academy Award-winning short Trevor and co-founder of The Trevor Project) and Ryan Amador (singer/songwriter). The culmination of this year of support will be a workshop in Indianapolis, featuring local talent as they bring their incredible story of a group of LGBTQ young people to life.

Full details coming soon!