First Look Workshops

Beginning in the fall of 2018, The New Harmony Project is expanding its programming to Central Indiana with a vision of establishing Indianapolis as a premiere destination for the creation, development, and distribution of new, hope-filled, meaningful stories for the stage and screen.

Upcoming Events

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October 29 - November 2

James Still

in partnership with Indiana Repertory Theatre

Indiana Repertory Theatre’s Playwright-in-Residence, James Still, will be joining The New Harmony Project in Indianapolis for a five-day workshop of a script that he began at the 2018 conference.

Public Presentation & Reception

November 2nd @ 7:30pm

Indiana Repertory Theatre - The Cabaret

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Winter 2019

Phoenix Theatre Indianapolis

As part of our effort to guide new work from the page to the stage, The New Harmony Project is excited to partner with Phoenix Theatre Indianapolis to develop a script with the aim of seeing it in a future season.

Full details coming soon!

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Spring 2019

Q2 by James Lecesne & Ryan Amador

The New Harmony Project has committed one full year to the development of a new musical by James Lecesne (Writer of the Academy Award-winning short Trevor and co-founder of The Trevor Project) and Ryan Amador (singer/songwriter). The culmination of this year of support will be a workshop in Indianapolis, featuring local talent as they bring their incredible story of a group of LGBTQ young people to life.

Full details coming soon!