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Auditions by appointment only

Q2: A New Musical

Book & Lyrics by James Lecesne & Ryan Amador

Music by Ryan Amador

SEEKING queer, trans, and allied actor/singers to play various roles (late teens & 20’s). Full character breakdown listed below

  • Workshop takes place June 5 - 15, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Equity & non-Equity contracts available

  • On book throughout the process

  • Travel stipend and housing provided for out-of-town artists

  • Benefit presentation on June 15 in support of Trinity Haven, Indiana’s first residence designed for LGBTQ youth with no place to go

Character Breakdown


The gender expression of the ensemble of actors as a whole must convey queerness and reflect the queer community across the United States.

The racial landscape of Q2’s actors, should reflect the queer youth landscape of the United States. Characters remain open to actors of any race unless otherwise specified.

All voices should have a Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock or Folk sensibility. There is no classical singing in this production.

Rue, 16 (They, them) Identifies as pansexual, non-binary/woman-aligned. Lit, outspoken, and an activist at heart. They bring the group together, constantly offer advice to others, but can’t seem to make their own life happen. Lives in Boston, MA.

Milo, 17 (He/him) Identifies as gay and trans. Cautious, Safe, Smart. A Helper and the voice of reason in the queer space. Lives in San Diego, CA.

Harry, 19 (He/him) Identifies as straight and a cis man. A rational, logical thinker. A proud geek with a big brain and big heart somewhere underneath. He created the Q2 platform. His younger brother identifies as queer, but is not out to their ultra conservative parents. Lives in Palo Alto, CA.


Emily, 13 (They/them) Identifies as questioning. A total newbie who is just learning who they are and how it all works. They are leaning towards the trans-feminine, just need a few questions answered first. Lives in Bozeman, MT.

Supreme, 16 (Black, He/him) Identifies as gay. Fun, funny, and loves attention. Out & proud at school, but struggles to reveal himself to his single mom. Has a hard time reconciling his sexuality with his Christian upbringing. Lives in Baltimore, MD.

Lee, 15 (POC, She/her or He/Him) Doesn’t like to identify themselves. Poetic, Honest, Says It Real. Lives with a brother & sister and parents. Feels lost and can’t seem to find a way to be found, even after finding community in Q2. Actor should play guitar.

Jimmy, 15 (He/him) Identifies as friendly, and gay gay gay! Sweet, kind, peace-maker. Sees the beauty in most moments. Eager to fall in love and live a true-life gay love story. Lives in Hartford, CT.

Jake, 16 (White, He/him) Pretty sure he’s gay but maybe also pansexual or asexual. Homeschooled and loves video games. Painfully shy under his woolly hat. Doesn’t say much, but slowly finds his place within the Q2 community. Lives in Austin, TX.

Kat, 16 (Zi/zem) Identifies as agender & pansexual. Loud and proud. Interested in magic. Raised by zer ultra conservative Christian grandparents. Living on the streets of Seattle since running away. Not interested in subscribing to the norm in any way.

Yasmin, 16 (Middle-Eastern, She/her) Identifies as a passionate Asexual Iranian Muslim feminist. Smart, practical, calculating. Despite her mother opening the first gay-friendly mosque in Missouri, Yasmin asexuality is beyond her mother’s understanding. Lives in St. Louis, MO.

Summer, 16 (She/her) Identifies as trans & straight. A peacekeeper and a southern belle. “I’m not a he/she or an it.” Wants NOT to be seen as a freak. Wants to be a “normal” girl whatever that means. Decides to stand up to her city and pass an HRO against their statewide Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Lives in Blandford, IN.

Daniél, 15 (Latinx, He/him) Identifies as bisexual. Serious and stoic. Trying to hide his bisexuality from the world. Lives in Phoenix, AZ.