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For 28 years, the incredibly talented Joel Grynheim served as Project Director of The New Harmony Project. The heart and spirit that Joel brought to the banks of the Wabash River each May were as constant and steady as his presence. Joel’s dedication to and passion for The New Harmony Project is unmatched, and his legacy will live on for many years to come.

In an effort to honor him and recognize the pivotal role he has played in nearly three decades of serving artists, The New Harmony Project is overjoyed to announce that Joel’s legacy will continue on by officially dedicating The Joel Grynheim Theater Education Program to henceforth carry his name. Students have been part of The New Harmony Project since it was founded in 1987, and have had the opportunity to observe and work directly with theatre, film and television professionals from across the country. Much like Joel, these students represent the unsung heart and drive of The New Harmony Project. We cannot think of a better tribute to Joel than to support the development of young theater artists as they embark on their professional careers.


The College Internship Program is designed to provide an environment that empowers tomorrow’s theater professionals to develop skills and gain experience in their chosen field. It offers a unique opportunity to work directly with writers and theater professionals, including nationally and internationally known directors, dramaturgs, and actors. By fully incorporating interns into the work in a deep, vital, and mutually beneficial way, we help to foster thriving, passionate colleagues in one of the top script development workshops in the United States.

The experience gained and the relationships that develop in New Harmony often lead to future jobs in the industry, professional associations and even life-long friendships.


Erin Wilhelmi, University of Evansville
Acting Intern (2006, 2008)
Actor: A Doll’s House, Part 2 (Broadway 2017), The Crucible (Broadway 2016), The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“The New Harmony Project introduced me to the process of new play development. It was the first time I had ever been in the room while writers were creating their characters, and the experience shaped the rest of my career. I was lucky enough to get to work with two incredible playwrights (David Caudle in 2006 and Margaret Hunt in 2008) who I have remained friends with for over a decade. The connections I made at The New Harmony Project were invaluable and I am truly grateful for the experience.”

Lennon Parham, University of Evansville
Acting Intern (1998)
Actor/Writer: USA’s Playing House, NBC’s Best Friends Forever

“The New Harmony Project is that kind of rare theatrical development experience that has it’s priorities straight. The agenda is the artistic process and the artist, and that is all. The memories I made in my two weeks there have stayed with me for twenty years. It is a magical program, community and gathering.”

Megan Tabaque, University of Texas at Austin
UT Austin Fellow (2016)
Austin-based Writer, Producer, Actor

“The New Harmony Project had the greatest and most joyful sense of community I’ve ever seen at a development retreat. Not only was it clear that the work being made was being nurtured, but because artists were also able, invited, and welcome to bring their families, children, and loved ones to the retreat, it was clear that New Harmony also nurtures it’s artists in all regards, even outside of their work. I loved every minute I spent at New Harmony and will be recommending it to all my classmates.”

Vichet Chum, University of Evansville
Stage Management Intern (2008)
Playwright: KNYUM (Barrington Stage 2018) Actor: Humana Festival (ATL), Guthrie, Pan Asian Rep

“The New Harmony Project was one of the most miraculous experiences of my life. I loved being surrounded by all the writers and artists in residence. I love communing with them over their work et al. I loved being able to take walks and get to know artists on a personal level. I loved that it was the last thing I did in school before I headed out for graduate school. I learned a great deal about the quality of art one can create.”

Internships in the following areas of study are available:

Stage Management

Please check back for applications in February 2018.


The High School Outreach Program was initiated in 2000 as a means to offer Southern Indiana-area high school theater students exposure to professional theater. Drama students and teachers from surrounding counties are annually invited to spend a day at the conference attending rehearsals, lunching with the company, and participating in specially designed theater workshops and round tables. This is a unique opportunity for local students to get a first-hand look at new play, musical and screenplay development, and is often an eye-opening and invigorating experience. This program is free to high school students and their teachers.


Tara Sorg, HSOP Participant (2011-2012)
Administrative Intern & Nanny (2014-2017)
University of Evansville Alumna (2016)
Current Faculty: Franklin Central High School Performing Arts – Indianapolis, IN

“The Project opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I had always fantasized about making theater a career, but hadn’t a clue where to start until I encountered The New Harmony Project. I discovered the University of Evansville, with a stellar theater department a mere half hour from home. I also recognized that its students were working side by side with theater professionals. Needless to say, my seventeen-year-old mind was completely blown.”